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Mini Wooden Trays for Seeds


Mini Wooden Seed Trays

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Product Description

Mini Seed Trays

These mini wooden  Seed trays are ideal if you only need to plant a few seeds at a time or you have special seeds that need more TLC.   I know all seeds need TLC but some need more than others.

These trays give you that choice, they are easier to move around and look after if they need different ways to tend to them.

These trays can also be used on the window ledge to grow herbs to cut for the kitchen, or to put small pot of herbs in to keep them tidy.

These trays are also useful to keep your small items together in the shed, in a drawer or in the greenhouse.

These trays can also keep children happy as they can paint them to give away as gifts to friends and family.

They can also be used to hold the centre display on the table.

This price is for a pack of 52 mini trays.


The trays are made of recycled timber.

We can also make these trays from new timber.

The new timber is sourced from a FSC Forest.

Other sizes can also be made

Please e-mail for a quote.

Size of the tray is 9″ x 6″ x 2.5″ high.


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