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Small Duck House

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Product Description

This is a small duck house made from exterior  OSB board on a strong timber frame under a board and felted roof.

This house will hold a pair of ducks.

The house can be used for bantams, chicks, a broody hen or other small fowl.

It has a pophole so the door can be left close while the animals can get in and out.

Made of  Exterior OSB this coop will keep your ducks warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Exterior OSB board will last for years if treated once a year, it comes ready treated, this is for the first year.

A run can be added to keep your animals safe and in one place. This is at an extra cost. One of the pictures is seen with a run.

The  duck house can also be used for other animals such as rabbits, ferrets, or guinea pigs.

Other size can be made just email for a quote.


Size of this house is 36″ x 24″ x 26″ high at the front.

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